Holiday Cheer

With Christmas less than a week away, I’m sure everyone is busy buying gifts, wrapping gifts and baking a lot of goodies. The holidays can be very exciting and stressful for our pups too. Lots of commotion and strange people invading their domain can be very stressful to your furry family members. This can be the perfect time for your canine to act up, either from anxiety or stress.

Try to keep some to your same routines, playtime, going for walks, meal times, etc. That will make Fido feel more secure that his whole life as he knows it, isn’t coming to an end. Dogs love routines, they seem to thrive on knowing whats coming next. My Molly and Winston know that when I get up from the table after breakfast, it’s time to go out to the backyard. They’re heading for the door before I can get my empty bowl to the sink.

Of course, playtime and exercise will help your pups feel better (same with us humans). Nothing clears the mind better than a good session of playing fetch or tug of war. Take a walk to the park or just spend 10 minutes in the yard with your pup and I guarantee that will be the highlight of both of your days.

Try to keep meal times on the schedule your pups knows. Also, try to keep their food the same. It’s tempting to give pup some of the yummy dishes you are enjoying, but that can really cause gastrointestinal havoc for your pup. Human food is usually too high in fat, sugar and salt for dogs to tolerate well. A little nibble here and there will probably be fine, but I wouldn’t recommend a feast of it. My next blog will highlight more on this topic.

The holiday season can be a stressful, overwhelming time. But with a little fore thought and planning, you and your pups can enjoy this wonderful season.

Posted At: December 19, 2010 by Sheri

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