What brought me to this place? The love of my pups, Molly and Winston. Sure, I have had dogs most of my life. But like most people, working, raising children and life in general was more of a priority. My dogs got kibble and occasionally some canned food. Quick, easy and cheap.

When Molly started showing signs of allergies, I checked the internet about that. As you can imagine there was hundreds or maybe thousands of sites out there about dog allergies. It was overwhelming to think I had to cook for my dogs as well as my family after working a full time job.

As time passed, I realized it was important to my pups to have healthy food. Not the ground up, extruded dry kibble with vitamin shellac. With more research I was convinced most commercial pet food is equivalent to our junk food, processed and devoid of nutrients. I am not a schooled nutritionist, but it just makes sense to feed your pets wholesome real food, which has led me to create Puptrition.

I don’t claim my food is the one and only to use. There are many debates about dog nutrition and I am not an expert by any means. Each theory has their pros and cons. The recipes I use have sound nutritional value for your pets. I stay away from ingredients that are common triggers of dog allergies. Corn, soy and wheat are not in my foods. Neither are controversial ingredients like garlic or milk.

As always, check with your vet before changing your pups diet. I also recommend a high quality kibble and daily vitamins in addition to Puptrition products.