What I do and why I do it

So, I’m sitting here waiting for a batch of P-Nutty Bones to finish baking and I thought I would write a little. I’ve been emailing back and forth to a lady about my Puptrition products. She has many questions and comments about what I do and why I do it.

First of all, I love my 2 dogs. I want them to be healthy and eat well. Learning about pet food company practices made me doubt our pets are eating well. I want to have more control over the foods they eat.

My treats are made with all natural human food. They have non wheat flours. Wheat, corn and soy are common allergens for dogs so I avoid them. Fresh eggs, banana, sweet potatoes and carrots are used in many of my recipes. Other fruits and veggies used in my recipes start off frozen. They are cut, grated or pureed so our pups can absorb the nutrients better.

A dogs digestive system is very different from our own. I won’t get too detailed but a complete digestive cycle for a dog is about 9 hours compared to a humans 2-3 day cycle. Any carbohydrates must be in a quickly digestible form to be absorbed by the dog. Otherwise you are picking it up in the yard, undigested. Wonder why some pups eat poop? They probably smell undigested food….yuck!!!

I use unsweetened applesauce for a lot of my treats. Again, the pureed texture is better for digestion and it’s naturally sweet. I do not use sugar or honey in any recipes. Only extra virgin olive oil is used in my foods. Most pet food companies use rendered animal fat from questionable sources. My olive oil comes from the market where I shop.

My meals are meat based, turkey and chicken. Dogs crave meat and need much more protein than people. Their teeth and digestive system is designed to shred and process hunks of meat. I use ground turkey and whole chicken thighs in my meals. The meat is purchased from the market where I shop for my family.

I want my meals and treats to be simple but nutritious. I guess I’m in that season of my life where I crave simplicity. I want simple wholesome real food for my pups. To have that satisfied I created Puptrition. I’m sure I’ll continue to refine and perfect my recipes. But for now I know I’m on the right road.

Posted At: January 9, 2011 by Sheri

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  1. ross van epps says:

    Awesome sauce! :)

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