Still Creating

Well I have to apologize for the long span of silence. Even though life here at Puptrition has been preoccupied with other life issues, we are still creating new recipes. We have created a new dog treat, “CinnaBones”, which has banana, applesauce and lots of cinnamon for a sweet treat.

We have been perfecting our Chik n Sweet Potato Stew and is very yummy! I had read an article a while back about the nutritional value of bone broth. I have incorporated that important aspect of broth into the stew. The bone broth simmers for over 4 hours to extract all the nutrition hidden in the bone marrow.

Another exciting addition to Puptrition is acquiring a great recipe book called “Dinner Pawsible” by Cathy Alinovi DVM and Susan Thixton. Susan has a wonderful website, “The Truth About Pet Food”. She is a one woman army against mass manufactured pet food using inferior products. For a REAL education on this matter you should check it out. Susan teamed up with Cathy to create these wonderful recipes you can make at home. Of course they can be time consuming, so Puptrition can cook any of these recipes for you!

All in all, Puptrition is still alive and cookin’ the best meals and treats North Orange County has to offer. Hope to hear from you soon!

Posted At: October 23, 2011 by Sheri

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