Get set up for a Meal Program

What is a Meal Program you ask? One of my goals here at Puptrition is to be able to deliver home cooked meals to your pups. Typically these meals would be delivered weekly to your home, either fresh or frozen.

How much food do you need? First, I would talk to you about your pup. Size and age help determine calorie needs. Energy levels would be evaluated. Any food preferences or allergies would be addressed. Do you want to supplement your kibble with home cooked meals or strictly go home cooked meals? After evaluating all the above, I would make my recommendations.

How much will this cost you? Again, cost will vary depending on actual food amounts. Personally, I supplement a high quality kibble with Mutt Loaf and Chik Sweet Potato Stew. It works out to about $3.00 per day per dog. Not bad considering they are getting excellent food that they go CRAZY for.

MSN Money recently reported Americans spend $18.28 BILLION dollars on pet food. Another $12.79 BILLION on vet services. If we are to spend our money wisely, wouldn’t it be best to spend on high quality food to keep our pets healthy? Then maybe those vet bills would fall just a bit.

Send me a message about your pup. See if Puptrition can work for you. You’ll be glad you did.

Posted At: January 24, 2011 by Sheri

2 Responses to Get set up for a Meal Program

  1. dan says:

    Could you explain . we are expecting a new bullmastiff puppy in the spring the breeder would like to see us go with a raw food diet I dont think I can commit to it so looking to feed it a good kibble and supplementing it.What do you recommend ?

    • Sheri says:

      Hi Dan,

      Great question. With all the different food camps out there it’s sometimes overwhelming to decide what is best for you and your pup. I have a friend who feeds raw to her german shepard. There are some good pre-packaged raw food out there. Her biggest complaint about pre-packaged raw is availability and cost.

      Personally we have chosen a high quality kibble and supplementing with Puptrition for my lab and english springer. We use both the Mutt Loaf and Chik and Sweet Potato Stew as a “topper” over the kibble. My hubby wants SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE. We are a generation that only knows processed pet food, so a lot of people don’t accept the thought of preparing meals for their pets.

      We are using Wellness Core with great results. My lab is almost 13 and her overall health has improved since her grocery store kibble days. She has hip dysplasia, but will retrieve until her legs give out.

      Considering your pup will be about 130 lbs when grown, you will need to feed him/her about 2300 calories a day when an adult and about 1400 calories at 20 lbs. Check out this link to determine calorie needs:

      To supplement or “top” your kibble, reduce recommended kibble amount by 1/2 cup to 1 cup and add your favorite topper. Our Mutt Loaf is a 3oz. square with 117 calories and our Chik & Sweet Potato Stew 12oz. serving is 162 calories. BTW, Wellness Core has 430 calories per cup. In general, puppies will need more calories per lb than adult dogs. Again, the above link can guide you on that.

      I hope all this has been helpful. However you decide to feed your pup, if you do a little homework first, I know your pup will be happy and healthy for many years.

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