Puptrition only uses human grade foods. Real meat, eggs, whole fruits, vegetables, grains and spices. Cooked and baked in small batches to ensure freshness.

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Still Creating

Well I have to apologize for the long span of silence. Even though life here at Puptrition has been preoccupied with other life issues, we are still creating new recipes. We have created a new dog treat, “CinnaBones”, which has banana, applesauce and lots of cinnamon for a sweet treat. We have been perfecting our…

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Xylitol: Toxic Food for Dogs

I’ve been seeing a lot of articles and blog posts about xylitol lately. Apparently xylitol is becoming a popular sweetener in different foods, candy, gum, and breath mints. For humans it is a safe non caloric sweetener, but for dogs it tastes like big trouble. Within 30 minutes dogs can show symptoms of severe low…

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